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She’s Not Herself
A Psychotherapist’s Journey Into and Beyond Her Mother’s Mental Illness
“A memoir of love, loss, loyalty, and healing.”

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Narrated by the author, Linda Appleman Shapiro,with introduction by
actor/audiobook narrator George Guidall.

SHE’S NOT HERSELF is a journey to make sense of the effects of multi-generational traumas. Ultimately, my goal is to show how it is possible to forgive (without forgetting) those who left me to fend for myself and to provide readers with the experience of someone who has examined human vulnerability in its many disguises and has moved through it all with dignity and hope.

It was written to appeal to a wide range of readers from anyone who has grown up in a family fraught with the destructive power of hidden stressors – mental or physical – as well as students of psychology, teachers, patients, and the professional community of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and educators. I believe that each will gain insight into family dysfunction, the destructive nature of secrets, and patterns of behavior that are set into motion – as many professionals believe – as early as in the womb. Without it being simply a first-person account of survival, readers will experience me as I move through childhood, adolescence, and into adulthood. They’re with me as I try on various professional hats and ultimately train to become a psychotherapist. After years of trauma, I move beyond it and gain the ability to forgive without forgetting. That is what I hope readers will be able to for themselves, as well.

She's Not Herself

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The trade paperback edition is available from the publisher, Dream of Things, where you can get 25% off using the discount/coupon code “dream.”

My debut memoir, Four Rooms, Upstairs, was self-published in 2007 and named FINALIST in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards in 2008. Excerpts from that book are acknowledged in SHE’S NOT HERSELF, a totally restructured, thoroughly edited book, released as a new memoir with a new cover and new title. Released (9/14) by Mike O’Mary at Dream of Things, I am delighted to announce that famed author Wally Lamb endorsed SHE’S NOT HERSELF on its front cover and David Watts, M.D. (writer-poet, musician, and commentator for NPR) wrote the Foreword.