More than 30 years as a behavioral psychotherapist along with ten years as a senior staff member at an out-patient facility for recovering addicts and their families have given me a unique understanding of the effects of familial trauma.

The combination of my professional experience along with my personal experience of trauma–growing up with a mother who was mentally ill — is what compelled me to share my story, a memoir, in an attempt to offer hope to others.

It would have been far easier to have written a scholarly paper, but that would have only reached the professional community. Since one in four people today is diagnosed with a mental disorder and teen suicides are nearing epidemic proportions, I felt that sharing my story was an effective way to educate those who might identify with my struggle to survive and also those who are not aware of the effects of secrets within family dynamics.

My book SHE’S NOT HERSELF: A Psychotherapist’s Journey Into and Beyond Her Mother’s Mental Illness, is available through Amazon,B&N and discounted through my publisher Dream of Things.A list of many other on-line bookseller sites through which the book may be purchased may be found onĀ

A book of essays, UNICORNS EAT STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM: A Psychotherapist Explores How Myths Create Our Realities, is currently in preparation for publication.

Married to actor and audiobook narrator GEORGE GUIDALL, my husband and I live in Westchester County, New York. We have two adult daughters and two grandchildren