white billboardSometimes when we travel we know where we’re starting from and where we want to go. If we’re lucky, the paths we choose take us to our desired destination.

More often than not, I suspect that with whatever journey we intend to take we are faced with a detour or we ourselves decide to change course. That’s when the journey has the potential for a great adventure, a disaster, or some place in between.

When I began to write my first blog, I had just completed years of teaching myself how to write a memoir and then deciding to self-publish it. Yet, once it was out and I could hold it in my hands, I went into a state of total writing withdrawal. I needed to continue to write, but I wasn’t ready for another book. Blogging offered a path along which I could share my views on psychological and cultural issues of our time.

Fortunately, as soon as I began to post, I developed an audience of faithful readers who read what I wrote and stayed in touch for the three years that I posted –before and after I was named TOP BLOGGER in the field of mental health. Their responses encouraged me to continue writing.

I didn’t know where Blogging would lead me, nor did I have a particular destination other than to share my thoughts and hope they resonated with others.
Then, almost overnight, I decided I had two more books inside me and I couldn’t possibly stay with my commitment to blog, knowing how all-consuming the process of writing the books was both emotionally and intellectually It was a path taken after 30 plus years of being a psychotherapist/additions counselor, and it was one that I had not anticipated or for which I had planned.

Yet, once on the road, there was no turning back. I just needed to decide what I’d be writing next

Now, since I’ve successfully completed and have published “She’s Not Herself” and have a book of essays – many taken from previous blogs – I’ve returned to a familiar road. I trust that it will take me to new corners of my brain that wish to find expression and that will resonate with readers who wish to join me on this journey.

My next blog – one that is already germinating and one that I plan to post shortly – will be on THE MENTAL HEALTH OF OUR NATION and THE COST OF NOT CARING.
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With gratitude to my faithful followers and a heart-felt welcome to new readers who discover me along their path.



  • Mike O'Mary says:

    Linda, you have proven that the most important step in becoming a writer is to put word on paper (or on the blank screen, as the case may be). See where the writing takes you. In your case, it has taken you to a very powerful memoir. congrats!

    • Linda Appleman says:

      Thanks so much, Mike. Just catching up to reading comments as I had eye surgery — but truly appreciate your comment. And sometimes a powerful memoir is only as powerful as a wonderful publisher supporting his/her author!