No one questions whether a week has 7 days, a day has 24 hours, an hour 60 minutes, or a minute 60 seconds. The construct works. It serves us well!

Yet, as we age, our sense of TIME inevitably takes on new meanings, challenges us in new and different ways, and becomes either a better friend whom we opt to cherish or a distant relative whom we’d rather not take too seriously or visit with too often.

When I was very young – probably no more than six or seven – I felt, as most children do, that my parents would always be alive, that anyone over 21 was no longer really young, that everyone over 40 was really old, and knew with every fiber in my being that I would never , ever, really be old! Not that I might not live to be old, but that I would never identify with being or feeling old.

But, for me, as for everyone I know, LIFE happens.

On a good day, when I’m feeling particularly blessed, I wake up and realize that the person I married when I was in my 20’s is now 40+ years older; our children who were once our babies now have children of their own; and the aches and pains that I once heard “grown-ups” moan and groan about now reside within my body without ever having asked my permission.

So, what is TIME? Surely it is more than a mere construct. If we don’t question the simple fact about how we measure it, that is because it allows us to move through space and feel (whether rightly so or, in part, due to the illusory nature of time) that our days have – with any luck – both a sense of order and meaning.

On this 7th day of June, I wish to pause for a moment and pay tribute to my husband whose birthday is today. The time we have spent, the life we have shared – the joys, sorrows and most importantly the journey we have traveled and continue to travel – give my life its essential meaning and purpose. Our love for our family and our professions, and our great good fortune in having wonderful friends and dear relatives, makes my TIME all that more precious.

So, on a very personal note, Happy Birthday George … and to everyone else who may share this birth day … may your years multiply in good health and may those who love you find ways to honor you.

~ Linda