With the New Year approaching, I was asked to write about New Year’s resolutions.

From a lifetime of experiences and from the stories shared with me by others, I believe there is a TRAP in that tradition, a recipe for failure. The good news is that there’s another recipe, one that’s more likely to get you the promises that you hope to fulfill.

To achieve your goals:

1- They must be realistic! That is to say you must be CONSCIOUSLY aware of what you’re capable of doing and likely to do, and that which you’re not.

2- It is also helpful to write out a plan for each day including the time during the day that you will set aside to accomplish each goal. DON’T set out to accomplish too many goals, as that will only overwhelm and defeat your intended desire. PRIORITIZE!

3- If, on any given day, you don’t succeed or follow through, forgive yourself and remember there is always tomorrow to start over again. ONE DAY AT A TIME is an attitude that does help and is very effective.

There seems to be three TOP categories for resolutions:

1-HEALTH RELATED: Weight is on the top of many people’s list.

•Here,too,one must follow or create a realistic program. Not every program works for everyone. In fact, most do not.

•Learn to better understand your body and your lifestyle before attempting to set yourself up for failure.

2- RELATIONSHIP ISSUES: (This, too, seems to be high up on many people’s list.)

•Remember always to respect yourself.

•Trust your instincts, your gut reactions.

•Value all that you have to offer.

•Forgive others only for what they do or say that is worthy of being forgiven – and NEVER accept abuse of any kind – subtle or obvious, physical or verbal.

3- PROFESSIONAL LIFE: (And that certainly includes stay-at- home moms!)

•Conserve your energy by teaching yourself to be as organized as possible. This will help not to sabotage what you need to accomplish, not simply what you’d like to accomplish.

•Act respectfully toward your colleagues and expect to be respected in return.

•Do your job using all available resources – those gained from being educated/trained, as well as those gained from experience and wisdom.

•Allow yourself to feel proud of whatever you do accomplish whether or not you are praised for doing so by others.
•Most importantly, remember there is always tomorrow to do what you may not have been able to do today.

Just as I believe that psychotherapy is the best education of the SELF when it offers tools that teach how to live life CONSCIOUSLY, I also believe the degree to which we are able to succeed in keeping resolutions is directly related to being CONSCIOUS about all that we think, plan for, and act upon.

With heart-felt gratitude to all the loyal readers of this blog, I hope these suggestions will help you to have a wonderful, healthy and love-filled 2010!!

~ Linda