Oral Historian

Helping to Preserve the Stories of Everyday People for More than 35 Years.

Under the tutelage of Ruth Hersh, the founder of the Oral History Department at Fordham University –where the emphasis was on preserving the life stories of ordinary people as opposed to the first Department founded at Columbia University, which was devoted to the lives of the rich and the famous – I wrote my Master’s thesis on the significance of Oral Histories and submitted a transcription of two complete oral histories, both of which are archived in the library at the Bank Street College of Education.

I have since been helping to preserve the stories of everyday people for more than 35 years.

Hired by family members who wish to honor a loved one in order to share that person’s life with generations to follow, I interview the subject, transcribe the interview and add family photos, birth certificates, marriage licenses, citizenship papers and any other memorabilia important to the subject and his/her family.

At the end of the process, a leather-bound volume is created which includes a color-coded, fold-out genogram tracing the family history for as many generations as possible.

For the subject being interviewed it is a life-affirming experience, a feeling that his or her life is worthy of a book. The very act of remembering and sharing one’s stories is a meaningful and memorable one, just as it is for those gifted with a copy of the finished product.

To set up an interview please contact me at: [email protected]