In private practice for more than 30 years, I served for ten years on the staff of an out-patient facility – the Maxwell Institute – for recovering addicts and their families. I still maintain a part/time practice and continue to treat adolescents, couples, and families, including addicts who are abstinent, in recovery, and committed to a 12-Step Program.

I am available for:
• Individual psychotherapy sessions in person and by phone.
• Couples/Family crisis intervention.
• Discussion Groups on topics ranging from parenting to bereavement
• Workshops on healing through meditation

Trained as a behavioral therapist, I believe that gaining insight into thoughts and feelings is only one step in the healing process. To reach the balance necessary for maximum health, that step must be accompanied by effectively changing non-useful behaviors.

• Assume responsibility for actions taken
• Develop coping skills during and following life crises such as illness, divorce or the death of a loved one
• Become more creative and productive
• Explore and sort through feelings of anger, fear, and cynicism
• Live in the present and help create the future

I also design and make available PERSONALIZED CD’S geared specifically for each patient as another way to help improve the quality of everyday living. CD topics include:

• Specific Relaxation Techniques
• Pathways to Weight Loss
• Easing pre and post-surgical procedures
• Taming the demons of phobias

After listening to my voice and absorbing all that I say in the comfort of your home, in an airplane, a hospital setting, or wherever/whenever you need to feel rid of whatever is making you feel anxious, my CD’s enable listeners to feel more at peace and in control.

There are no side effects, as with most medications, but there is the benefit of feeling empowered!

Patient Testimonials

Unhappiness and confusion led me to seek Linda’s help. During my first session, I found her to be warm and she graciously listened to me far past the hour appointment that I had scheduled. By the end of that first session, I could tell that she understood me. I am so grateful that she has assisted me in getting to a healthier state of mind, helping me gain insight into myself and to become aware of my own behavior so that I can now start to build the life that I want for myself. During this journey – and especially when I was going through a particularly intense situation – Linda made herself available to me even over the phone, helping me to keep a clear mind and offering me wonderful, much needed support. Linda’s compassion is genuine and helping people is her passion. She creates a safe environment where I feel comfortable enough to tell everything. Her insights and instincts are razor sharp. She can assist in getting to the core matter of a problem quickly and filter out the unimportant details. I would highly recommend Linda to anyone seeking therapy.

Single, professional female