On those rare days when everything goes smoothly and you wonder if it’s possible that absolutely nothing has gone wrong, isn’t it because you feel your life is in balance? And, yet, if that’s true, wouldn’t you like to be able to bottle that balance so that you could experience it more often?

I know that those who study Yoga or T’ai Chi, various forms of meditation and/or visualization all believe that such disciplines help them to feel more in tune with themselves, better able to cope with life’s stressors and, yes, they say that they do feel more balanced.

I don’t doubt that truth for a moment!

Yet, I do think society faces a question that’s not addressed often enough. That is: why do so many people feel so out of balance, “out of sync,” so much of the time?

Of course we all know what the obvious reasons are: our failing economy, the issues regarding health care and the benefits that are available to too few and often too late, too many of our young men and women fighting abroad and losing their lives, while others of them are here in America fighting to find finances for a good education and a future to which they can look forward. Those are merely the obvious reasons causing an increase in the need for better care not only for our society as as whole but for those mentally and emotionally challenged.

It hardly matters who I speak to on any given day or to what generation they belong. I find people struggling to feel more encouraged, more internally stable and in need of communities to which they can turn for help. At least, I am much more aware of that these days than in years past.

Whether people seem to be productive and feeling relatively happy (physically and emotionally) or they’re weary, feeling overwhelmed by one ache, one problem or another, I still hear a sense of desperation that reflects feelings of being out of balance.

On the one hand, people are on “over-load,” receiving too much in-put from the various technological wonders of our age – the incoming data from their computers, cell phones, and Blackberries – but, conversely, they’re too disconnected, too alone, and not fully aware of how their energy is being sapped, leaving them unable to successfully fulfill their responsibilities of the day.

The challenge, therefore, seems to be how to best figure out ways to stay healthy by living life in a more balanced way. That means taking charge of your life in all the areas that you are able to do so. In many instances it simply means being better organized.

If it helps to turn off your cell phone for periods of time each day then do so. If not listening to the news or to whatever you’re plugged into helps, then don’t listen. Do whatever it takes for you to have the time you need to do all that you want and need to do.

Make TIME a priority!

If making lists help, then make them! Just think of walking up and down the aisles of a supermarket. If you enter the store without a list, you’re much more likely to waste time and purchase items you never would have purchased. If you limit yourself, instead, to buying only what’s on your list, you’ll spend less time, have more energy and feel less stressed when proceeding with the remainder of your day.

Also, if you know that your agenda for a particular day is going to be a busy one, it might help to structure it hour by hour in order to hold yourself accountable for the time you spend doing whatever needs to be accomplished. Why? Because it’s too easy to get lost in time, spending so much of it focusing on only one aspect of what has to get done and then not having the time to complete all that you need to do.

Why everyone seems so busy so much of the time is not a question I’m sure I’m able to answer. What I do know is that it often results in being faced with too many unnecessary problems.

For starters, perhaps it would help to have a better recipe for stability: a clearer scheduling device and a more precise shopping list.

Life could also be easier if you divided your days into time for work, time for eating, time for play and down time to do nothing but whatever allows you to feel relaxed. By managing your time more effectively the roller coaster of your days will turn into a balanced see-saw where you will then have a better sense of your body and your mind. You will be better balanced and your internal scale will not be tipped. Also, you’ll be improving not only your own state of equilibrium but that of those around you. That alone might just offer you the wisdom to know what it means to feel and act as though you’re life is in balance. Certainly, in these times which are challenging for the great majority of people, it’s worth a try.

In fact, when you successfully balance your life, there are very real bonuses! You will gain greater self-respect and will consequently be more discerning when those who are out of balance (thinking in extremes and acting inappropriately) enter your space.

For now, I wish you all easy days and many hours during which you feel at peace and well-balanced!

Have a great week! ~ Linda

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  • Thank you, Linda, for this post. Finding and maintaining balance in life is such a challenge, as you say. Prioritizing our physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual resources is not an easy thing to do, but lack of attention to balance leads to so many problems. Lack of balance saps our energy, our joy, and our sense of direction sometimes. We live in such a frantic, fast-paced society. The overwhelming amount of choices we have each day can be paralyzing, but there are ways to make these difficult decisions more manageable, as you say.

    My sincerest best wishes to you this holiday season.
    Carmella Broome
    Author of Carmella's Quest: Taking on College Sight Unseen (Red Letter Press 2009)