In case you missed seeing this 3-part series (Jan. 4th- Jan.6th ),
there’s only one prerequisite I can think of for anyone to appreciate it: You must be alive!

You definitely do not need to be sick or suffering to benefit from this very informative exploration. The incredibly accessible, easy to follow scientific data combined with live interviews show us the heart and soul of what makes us human and how and why our emotions affect us. Bravo to PBS for creating THIS EMOTIONAL LIFE: A Unique Television & Interactive Experience accompanied by a Web site including in-depth information, resources, and exclusive videos only available online at www.pbs.org/thisemotionallife.

In their own words, PBS set out to take us “on a journey of discovery about the newest, most useful information on emotional well-being.”
Hosted by, Dr. Daniel Gilbert, Harvard psychologist and author of the bestselling book, “Stumbling on Happiness,” the six-hour series presents real-life stories and the latest scientific findings regarding happiness and emotions.

The myriad of topics explored include:
•Grief and Loss
•Postpartum Mood Disorders
•Intimate Relations

•Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
•Bipolar Disorder
•Eating Disorders
•Post Traumatic Stress Disorders
•Stress and Anxiety

•Connecting with others
•Creating with flow

Episode 1: “Families, Friends and Lovers” shows how and why relationships are central to our emotional well-being.

Episode 2: “Facing our Fears” shows how some emotions such as anger, sadness and fear can be obstacles to happiness … and why sometimes they do require attention and management.

Episode 3: “Rethinking Happiness” questions why happiness “seems so hard to achieve for many of us?” It questions what it is and why it is important.

I found this last episode to be totally riveting. Featuring stories of people facing the death of a child, a diagnosis of cancer, the loss of a job, a terrible accident, and common struggles of everyday life, as well as incredibly heroic stories of resilience, such as that of a war veteran who survived for years as a POW, we see how some people bounce back after they experience traumatic events and, in so doing, we learn that it is possible – through a variety of modalities – to re-train our emotional selves in order to lead more fulfilling, happier lives.

Since I have devoted my professional work as a psychotherapist/addictions counselor to doing just that – helping people to lead more meaningful, happier lives – I recommend this program without any reservation and express my gratitude to PBS for making this program available to the public. BRAVO!

For those of you who decide to treat yourselves to viewing the website(if you haven’t already seen the series), I trust you will find it to be a profound course in exploring your emotional life as you see others living and exploring theirs – all the while witnessing the fascinating array of emotions experienced and studied – as each is sensitively, thoughtfully, and respectfully revealed in this series.

With best wishes for the wisdom gained from walking the walk toward a healthy emotional life!

~ Linda