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So many interesting rewards are coming my way since publishing my memoir FOUR ROOMS, UPSTAIRS: A Psychoptherapist’s Journey Into and Beyond Her Mother’s Mental Illness. For those of you who have read my book and have been following the comments submitted by readers on amazon.com and those who are also following my BLOG, beyondatrauma.blogspot.com you may just want to hear me talk about the book, how it came into being, and what my experience was like in writing it, by just tuning in to CJAM 91.5! I know I always enjoy hearing authors speak, so I’m hoping that some of you in cyberspace will read this and be curious enough to tune in, as well. For most of you who may not receive radio stations from Canada, I do believe you will be able to hear it, at a time that’s convenient for you, by going on line, entering CJAM 91.5, a Windor Ontario University station, and the name of the program, BOKER TOV. Needless to say, I welcome hearing from any of you afterwards.

Further Up-dates: The book’s cover now reflects a superimposed copy of the FINALIST sticker I was awarded by the 2008 Next Generation Indie Book Awards … and I signed a contract this week giving the audio book rights to Recorded Books, Inc. All very exciting!

So, for those of you who have been following my BLOG, I trust that my story will inspire you to do whatever it is that you feel compelled to do, but may be questioning whether you can find the time or have the energy to pursue.

After all,if I was able to publish a first book at the age of 66 and am now receiving accolades for having pursued a project that was 15 years in the making, then anything is truly possible. For me, it took fortitude and the belief that what I was doing in writing my memoir was not simply leaving a legacy for my immediate family but sharing a family story that could impact the lives of others. Whatever your inspiration may be, I heartily encourage you to making your dream a reality!

So, with pride and enormous gratitude, I thank all of you who are reading the book and those who will listen to it in the future when it is released as an audio book.

Please do scroll down and read my other entries to learn more about the memoir and to read what I’ve been writing about other topics relating to a variety of family issues.

~ Linda