TV hosts, Realty TV show wanna-be stars, Hollywood “stars,” senators, congress people, cabinet members, and presidents – the rich and famous are continuously getting caught in their own lies and are then exposed and over-exposed in the media.

Some say that as far back as when our United States became united the public was protected from much of what went on in the private lives of our leaders. Even if that’s true, it doesn’t minimize the fact that what is being exposed almost on a daily basis is a rather new brand of hypocrisy, one that is prevalent in nearly every area of our lives these days.

Recently, we’ve been reading about a television host who for years made audiences laugh at the expense of the private escapades of men whose sexual boundaries revealed a moral failing, only to learn that the very same host has admitted to be guilty of no less – and perhaps more – than those whom he attempted to vilify by making them the butt of his so-called jokes.

Then there are the law makers who vote against gay rights only to be exposed as being gay and thereby being disloyal to the very people who make up their private circle of friends and lovers. TRUTH, LIES, HONESTY, DISHONESTY … where does it all begin and how will it all end? Most importantly, how do we teach our children and grandchildren the value of decency when they are surrounded by celebrities of all sorts: politicians, athletes, and Hollywood stars who day after day are seen as they’re hauled off to court or worse still to jail? How are we to understand why anyone would defend a Roman Polanski, a man guilty of raping a thirteen year old? That the incident occurred 30+ years ago or that the man may be a talented director does not give him license to commit a heinous crime. Yet, some of his peers are convincing themselves that it does.

Perhaps that’s what bothers me the most. It seems that our laws protect the rich and the famous better than they protect most of us common folk.

The people who are wealthy, power-hungry, narcissistic, and ego-maniacal often get away with un-lawful behaviors because we, the people, have placed our deepest values in all the wrong places.

We see so many celebrities and people in power go through the revolving doors of one rehab after another, divorcing one spouse, re-marrying another, apologizing for beating up and disfiguring one woman and then another but then somehow returning to a life of wealth and fame? When will we stop tolerating the lies, hypocrisy and sick behavior that seems to becoming more the norm than the abnormal?

As a psychotherapist for more than a quarter of a century (and one who also treats those in recovery from a variety of addictions) I can honestly say that not one of my patients has been as devious, as dishonest, as disloyal as the majority of people who make the headlines each and every day.

To be human is to err. But to be greedy, self-indulgent liars and hypocrites is nothing to be admired or glorified. It is time to honor – as CNN does -our heroes and heroines. We must place a moratorium on spending so much air time and newspaper space spot-lighting those who are not merely dishonest but immoral and criminal.

What prevents us from focusing instead on our youth who represent the best of the best? Our honor students? Our inner city youth who don’t join gangs but who help to protect their neighborhoods? Our young children who dial 911 and in so doing help to save the life of a parent? And why do we not – after the drum rolls and hoopla at airports returning our wounded and maimed soldiers who have fought for our country and were fortunate enough to return home on stretchers and not in caskets – why do we not even afford them the health benefits they so desperately deserve?

There certainly seems to be an absence of a standard of decency, a respect for the dignity of all people, and a willingness not to accept despotism or despicable, disloyal behavior wherever it exists and whoever is responsible for perpetrating it.

Perhaps if we didn’t idealize and/or idolize anorectic models, hypocritical politicians or immoral celebrities, and set the bar high for what we will accept and low for what we won’t, perhaps then something will change.

Change does not simply occur by hoping for it!

We’re surrounded by too much rubbish! Let us commit ourselves to sanity, civility, and honesty. Let us find our voices, stand up for justice whenever and wherever possible, and learn to dis-honor those who are greedy and feel entitled. Let us honor, instead, all the hard working men and women who live lives of common decency with self-respect and respect for others and spot-light them!

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Thanks ~ Linda