As many of you know, I had knee replacement surgery this past week and along with many of you who have experienced poor health care as well as excellent care, I feel the need to honor all those who restored my faith in the healing profession and those who chose the profession as their life’s passion for all the right reasons.

First and foremost I’d like to express my gratitude to Dr.Steven Zelicof, whose last words to me before I entered the operating room were: “Don’t forget. Linda, my goal is to do everything that’s best for you, causing you no undue pain,” to his first words while I was in the recovery room surrounded by my family :”Perfect! Everything went perfectly!”

In addition to never expecting anything in life to be “perfect,” it was more than wonderful to hear those words said and to be met during the following three days with nurses, nurses’s aides, attending physicians, and absolutely everyone on Dr.Z’s team with nothing but utter respect as they attended to each of my needs.

When I pressed the button on the bed’s remote for assistance, there was no waiting for an oral response over a loud speaker asking what I needed. Instead, a nurse appeared almost before I completed buzzing. I was always met by a smile and a sincere response to whatever my question was. The few times that a medical decision had to be made, a physician was at my bedside in moments and the problem was given proper attention.

This may sound as though I’m paying homage to what we should all expect pre and post any surgical procedure. As most of us know, that seldom happens. Whether it’s because we have too few hospitals properly staffed and/or equipped or it’s yet another consequence of today’s economy, it’s always the suffering patient who suffers unnecessarily when those who are supposed to be care-takers fail us in their care.

So, as I am still in Rehab and suffering from the pain that everyone warned me about, I shall keep this short and simply hope that I have expressed my heart-felt gratitude to Dr.Zelicof and the staff of Sound Shore Medical Center. I wish any of you who might now be facing any surgical procedure now or in the near future the unusually wonderful quality of care that I received.

Wishing you all good health and healing ~