Eat to Beat Alzheimer’s


My WOW (Women on Writing) guest today is Francie Healey, the author of Eat to Beat Alzheimer’s: Delicious Recipes and New Research to Prevent and Slow Dementia.

About the Author:
Francie Healey is a licensed mental health counselor in private practice in Santa Fe, N.M. She specializes in the psychology of eating, helping people with health conditions to develop conscious eating habits and understand how food contributes to healing. Using her expertise to help clients manage cognitive decline through nutrition, Francie educates them on meal planning; the creation of simple, nutritious meals; and other keys to achieving a healthy relationship with food. She holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling, and is a Certified Health Counselor and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor.

To date, there is no known cure for Alzheimers, but there is documented proof that the role of diet and nutrition can prevent and slow the disease progress. Many of us are familiar with friends and relatives who are experiencing the ravages of Alzheimers. I am, therefore, delighted at this time to host Francie Healey as she promotes her book on the WOW (Women on Writing) Blog Tour.


From a chapter on HOW TO BEGIN EATING WELL FOR BRAIN HEALTH to THE IMPACT OF EXCESS SUGAR ON THE BRAIN and THE ADVANTAGES OF INCLUDING VEGETABLES AND VITAMINS FOR BRAIN HEALTH, ending optimistically on “A PROMISING FUTURE: THERE IS HOPE,” this book, while offering one healthy recipe after another, is clearly more than a good cook book. The author shares with us a personal commitment to share her beliefs built on years of research. She has now succeeded in providing us with relevant education, information, and options.

When asked how she knew when her manuscript was ready for publication, her responses reflect the decision-making process of so many authors. I think you will find them to be both universal and thought- provoking.


How I Knew It Was Publishing Time

Completion is an ambiguous arena to navigate. Creative projects rarely feel done. Eat to Beat Alzheimer’s, a fairly small book, tapped into a place inside of me that had so much to say! It was while working on Eat to Beat that I realized this book was a beginning for me, not the whole. I couldn’t burden one book with all that I had to share. It was important to stay clear on what this cookbook was meant to be: an educational text for learning about nutrition and brain health with recipes to put that learning into action!

Diving into the research was both fascinating and overwhelming. I had to bracket off areas of interest that from the creative mind were relevant, but would have been too much for this book.  The writing process, for me, has been about traversing this interior landscape of desire, passion, mission and drive. What is relevant right now? What continues to bring this book alive? Building skills for attuning at this subtle level is creative learning. While the writing moves along, the end point is always waiting in the distance. Are we on track with it? Have we veered off course?

Arriving at the end point isn’t as obvious as it might seem. It looks obvious from a distance. I know where I am headed. But getting closer to it, it’s harder in some ways to see. One has to let go of peering into the dark, and feel for the endpoint instead. Is this it? Are we at the end of the road?

The end can appear dark. I think it appears dark because it requires us to look in a different way than we are used to. Creativity, for me, is not about shining a flashlight under a rock and seeing it all at once. It is about traveling along a path. I think I know where it is going, but really can only see a short distance in front of me. So we must trust the path we are on, and trust that we will know when we are complete.

Paperback: 200 pages
Genre: Cookbook
Publisher: Terra Nova Books (June 30, 2016)
ISBN-10: 1938288610
ISBN-13: 978-1938288616

Find Francie Healey Online:
Twitter: @FrancieHealey

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  • Linda, thank you so much for sharing your space with me today! I am really honored to be here, on your page. On my initial look at your work I am struck by the high level of integrity and service present in your writing. This is very inspiring to me, as a writer and a mental health professional. Thanks again, I am so grateful to be here and share some of my experience!

    • Linda Appleman says:

      Francie – I’m apparently very unsophisticated about reading comments that I have to get to by going to the bACK END (PVT. PART) OF MY WEBSITE. That being said, I only read your kind note this evening. Many thanks .. .and it was my pleasure to share “my space” with you!
      You may wish to read my memoir [“SHE’S NOT HERSELF: A PSYCHOTHERAPIST’S JOURNEY INTO and BEYOND HER MOTHER’S MENTA ILLNESS”] one day and I’d appreciate your feedback. Warm regards, Linda Appleman Shapiro