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Digital Rabbit Hole Book Review

In Kilham’s introduction to The Digital Rabbit Hole, the author offers an alternative 21st century Alice in Wonderland where “almost all of the younger generations are falling down digital rabbit holes.”

He sees us all as Alice and his goal is to discover the possibilities and pitfalls of Cyberland. While exploring both, we gain a full sense of their attributes as well as their red flags. In fact, while journeying with Kilham in his rabbit hole and exploring its advantages and disadvantages, one then wants to escape, but only after having benefitted from being there. Dizzying? Perhaps. But what an eye opener!

Throughout, one can’t help but marvel at how Kilham meanders in and out of historical reference points, citing scientists, psychologists, educators, and a variety of studies. He shares his knowledge and personal experiences after becoming captive in the digital universe and concludes that we need to remove ourselves from it from time to time “if we are to regain the ability to stimulate creativity and education, and to recapture humanity.”

As a psychotherapist/addictions counselor I have been all too aware of the negative side effects of computer and cell phone usage. In addition to those readers who treat such addictions professionally, parents, grandparents, and educators have been aware of Cyberland’s pitfalls for years and have, all too often, been unsuccessful in reversing its downward spiral. Here is where Kilham makes a clear case, explaining why it’s becoming “all-controlling” while at the same time telling us how we can remain optimistic. (more…)